Captain Stormfield


I was making rugs for art, but I had no other art to put on them at the time. Annelie was making ceramic drawings so I offered the rugs to Annelie. We decided to combine these in a collaborative exhibition. We talked about friendship and how showing art is more fun when you are helping each other. We constantly think about where the work will live, do we keep it, does it carry on existing afterwards or not. Rugs are my way of clearing a space for work, but also of making something that could be rolled up and stored, or used for something else. I also began to think of the rugs as magic carpets. What I would like most about a magic carpet is that you can carry it around, unroll it and and go anywhere; its always been my preferred imagined mode of transport. Annelie found Captain Stormfield, a story about going to heaven on a magic carpet. I wrote the text in response to our conversations.

The exhibition was a fantastical journey of art flying around on magical home furnishings, whilst eating Italian deli food, on the way to finding heaven. It took place on March 1st 2019 at 4Cose.

All the ceramic pieces are by Annelie Fawke.