"Eating Well, Sleeping Well & Feeling Fantastisk!" - stuffed green bedsheet, threaded hole stones, green IKEA 'fantastisk' napkins, vitamin B complex and hope, on table, 2018


‘Temple’ was created as a collaborative artist take-over of RAW Labs in London.

It appropriated existing elements of the space, such as the plants, the coffee counter and the in-house chocolate maker, renaming them and combining them with sculpture, sound and light to make a new installation for the space. The take-over was part critique on the contemporary ‘Well-ness' industry and part genuine need to find headspace. The ‘press release’ & exhibition map  lists the potential /alleged ‘benefits’ of all the elements involved.

“Join Jojo and Joanne (with RAW Labs regulars) as they mark out a space and turn RAW labs into a temple of respite for one night only. You will be invited to move around the temple, take time out and find your headspace though art, food and interactions.

Make a devotion, bathe in the light, seek self-forgiveness through chocolate, speak to the plants, eat pizza, calm yourself with a drink, and listen to soothing sounds.

Breathe in, hold, breathe out, hold, continue...

Come be restored and let go.”

temple image.jpeg